About Us

Elite in Crete is a registered company in Budapest Hungary, whose goal is to offer an engaging selection of luxury, modern and traditional villas and suites for lovers of mountain and sea, rural landscapes and bustling cities, the timeless and the contemporary. It was founded by two enthusiastic entrepreneurs who shared a passion for Crete and its myriad eclectic charms.  A combination of professional knowledge and being seasoned travelers has directed the choice of establishments as if they were choosing for themselves.

One of the founders was born and raised on the island and has worked in numerous capacities in the tourism industry, specializing in incoming visitors to Crete. Throughout his 20 years of experience, he has amassed an unparalleled knowledge of the island and has developed a closely-knit network of properties, services and people that will make your holiday memorable. The other founding partner, who was born in Canada, lived in Hungary for 14 years, lived in Crete for 9 years and now shuttles back and forth between her two homes (Budapest and Arhanes), has over 30 years experience in Foodservice, Marketing & Advertising. She holds a degree in Hotel & Restaurant Management and an MBA.  An interest in food and wine was an early obsession that was parlayed into two business ventures; a restaurant/country inn near her hometown of Ottawa, Canada, followed by a fine dining restaurant in the world-heritage Castle district of Budapest. A long-time enduring love of Greece brought her to vacations all over the country and more specifically to Crete off and on for 15 years.

There are many thousands of accommodations available here on the 5th largest island in the Mediterranean, but the properties featured in Elite in Crete offer a scrupulously researched, concise but compelling list of options to suit many tastes and to ensure an overall captivating experience. All pictures are provided by the Villa owners and are a true likeness of the properties— the next best thing to actually being here. Our goal is to make sure our guests become as enamored of Crete as the founders of Elite in Crete are.